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In these extraordinary times, the corporate world is being buffeted by trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, along with a fervent debate over corporate purpose in society. As if that were not enough, politics in many of the G20 economies have become unpredictable and consequently, so has the path the global economy is taking, at least in the medium-term.

This unpredictability has affected corporate deal-making and investments, with the US and Hong Kong M&A deal volume as well as IPOs down in 2019, along with the free-fall of investment into Spain and the UK – to name but a few examples.

CEOs and CFOs have to equip themselves to address this new reality.

AMO has gathered insights about managing corporate communications in uncertain times from some of our member agencies around the globe, namely:

France – Havas Paris/AMO
Germany – Deekeling Arndt/AMO
People’s Republic of China and SAR Hong Kong – Porda Havas/AMO
The Netherlands – SPJ/AMO
Portugal – CV&A
Spain – Grupo Albion
United Kingdom – Maitland/AMO
United States – Abernathy MacGregor/AMO

Find the booklet “Corporate communications in an environment of shifting sands” here.

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