In complex transformation processes the important thing is to keep an overview of each individual part of the project and to slot it into the overall context by thinking in terms of overarching processes.

/ Christiane AtassiBIO Contact

/ Christiane AtassiDirector

T  +49 211 51332-132

Christiane Atassi is a Director of the company. She focuses on systematic planning and management of complex change and renewal processes. As an experienced project manager, she has headed up national and international projects, managed campaigns and supported and successfully implemented regional transformation projects.

Christiane has been working as a consultant for 20 years and has extensive expertise in large-scale projects. She majored in sociology, politics and media studies at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

When it comes to corporate success, the importance of leader­ship culture is growing. In addition to clear and binding communi­cations, employees expect more involve­ment as well as dialogue at eye-level.

/ Sandra GerberBIO Contact

/ Sandra GerberDirector

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Sandra Gerber is a director in the Change & Leadership consulting division. For over ten years now, she has been advising companies on complex change and renewal processes. In addition to working on change projects of various kinds, Sandra was most recently involved in a large-scale regional transformation project over a number of years, helping to implement it successfully. She has extensive experience in the area of large events. She focuses on consulting around topics such as strategy development and communication as well as the design and implementation of communications measures for managers and employees.

Sandra holds a degree in economics, majoring in strategic marketing, economic geography and non-profit management at Leibnitz University Hanover and at the University of Zaragoza in Spain.

Companies have to be where relevant stakeholders form their opinions – these days that increasingly happens online.

/ Jörg Kohnen-MayBIO Contact

/ Jörg Kohnen-MayDirector

T  +49 211 51332-206

Jörg Kohnen-May is a Director at the Corporate & Public Affairs division. He focuses on developing communications strategies, content and agenda-setting programmes to position companies and their top management with relevant stakeholders.

Jörg studied English and German literature at the RWTH Aachen, and also gained a Certificate of Advanced Studies in “Curating” at the Zurich University of Arts. Before joining Deekeling Arndt/AMO, he worked for 15 years in other communications consulting firms. He brings with him experience in corporate communications, sustainability/CSR communications as well as risk and reputation management.

The more complex the transformation, the more relevant to success are good communications. The right language and voice are essential in order to win people over to new ideas.

/ Dr Sebastian MarxBIO Contact

/ Dr Sebastian MarxDirector

T  +49 211 51332-115

Dr Sebastian Marx is a director of the company. He advises on transformation processes and the positioning of companies, brands and people. His consulting activities range from strategy development, to conceptualising and implementing content and dialogue formats, right through to communications in crisis situations.

He holds a PhD in German and has extensive experience as well as a wealth of industry knowledge based on many years of working in the agency and corporate sphere, among other things as spokesperson of an energy corporation.

When it comes to transactions, it’s incredibly important not to simply feed information to the capital market, but to set up and implement integrated stakeholder communications.

/ Daniela MünsterBIO Contact

/ Daniela MünsterDirector
Frankfurt a. M.

T  +49 69 97098-511

Daniela Münster is a director at the Capital Market Communications and Financial Relations division. She focuses on advising national and international clients in all matters of stakeholder communications, in particular with regard to transactions such as M&As or IPOs as well as in subsequent investor relations activities. In addition, she advises companies in special situations, for example in the area of shareholder activism.

Daniela studied English and history in Freiburg and Dundee, in Scotland. After a PR internship and sub­sequent role in PR consulting, she moved to investor relations and capital market communications, supporting a number of medium and large-scale enterprises, both in their mandatory communications and in transactions. Previously she worked for a US non-profit organisation.

The success of a transaction depends not only on the purchase price but also on whether you send out the right messages to convince the stakeholders of the benefits of the transaction.

/ Stephanie Verena PragerBIO Contact

/ Stephanie Verena PragerDirector
Frankfurt a. M.

T  +49 69 97098-533

Stephanie Verena Prager is a Director at the Frankfurt office. She advises clients on transaction and transformation processes. Some of the areas she focuses on are capital market communications as well as strategic corporate communications and management positioning.

Stephanie holds an M.Sc. in Management, with a focus on Strategic & Organizational Change from the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel. Before coming to communications consulting, she worked for around six years in international management consulting companies in the areas of strategic transaction management and organisational development as well as supply chain management and real estate.