Consultancy Approach

Huge upheavals in the economy and society are increasing the pressure for business models to change: Climate change is heightening demands for sustain­ablilty; the corona­virus pandemic and geo­political power shifts are calling global value chains into question, while digital techno­logies are creating new ways of living and customer needs. All of the above are funda­mentally changing markets and competitive conditions.

At the same time, stake­holders are expecting more of companies in terms of how they plausibly explain their actions and their objectives both towards their work­forces and the general public. They have to re-justify their licence to operate: Capital markets demand environ­mental, social and corporate governance (ESG) conformity and the benefit to society of corporate activity must be legitimised – and this is intensified by the growing expectations of younger generations. Governments are reclaiming their right to have a say in economic conditions. Companies have to shape this trans­formation in collabo­ration with internal and external stake­holders. This applies to internal transformation processes as well as communications with the political sphere, the capital market and societal groups.

DAA multi-stakeholder management means evaluating our clients’ key management and communications challenges from the perspectives of all stake­holders and developing tailored solutions from that. The result is effective communi­cations that are critical to the success of business projects in a time of economic and social upheaval.

Graphic: Deekeling Arndt/AMO