Purpose & Strategy

Increasing expectations from society and the growing significance of environ­mental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in how corporations are rated are raising the pressure on companies and industries. They have to realign their strategies and business models and re­legitimise their actions with society, policy-makers and investors.

We structure, facilitate and accompany the develop­ment of a purpose state­ment that formulates the benefit the company offers to society and the contri­bution it makes to solving the issues to be faced in the future. By involving the executive board, we ensure that, rather than merely paying lip service, the purpose is verifiably at the core of a new licence to operate as specific proof points are set in the company’s strategy and in the action it takes.

We help companies to plan, prepare and implement a broad-based stake­holder dialogue and create communications plat­forms to involve relevant societal groups, policy-makers and investors in the strategic trans­formation. We provide support in communicating and establishing the purpose and strategy within the company and create a common under­standing among managers and the work­force for the trans­formation process and the complex conditions surrounding it.

ESG criteria increasingly influence the reputation and positioning of companies. We advise our clients on how to finetune their ESG profile with investors and the capital markets. At the same time, we help to establish ESG require­ments within the business processes and corporate culture and to get the managers and employees on board.

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