Restructuring & Special Situations

Many companies are being forced to take serious measures to secure their future viability in the face of upheaval in their markets and increasing competition. The ongoing corona­virus pandemic is only adding to that pressure. Extensive savings programmes, job cuts and site closures, strategy shifts and modifi­cations to business models are becoming more and more frequent – and the number of insolvencies is set to increase. We support companies in crisis and special situations: restructuring, government aid scenarios, insolvencies and litigation to name just a few.

The high level of financial pressure demands rapid reaction and fast trans­formation, while at the same time it is becoming more difficult to paint a picture of a future worth working towards. This leads to heightened complexity. In order to contribute to making re­structuring a success, credible communi­cations must adapt messages and tone as well as process design and timing to the new reality of the corona­virus.

To achieve this it is necessary to manage multiple stake­holder groups. Investors, suppliers, customers, media, policy-makers, employee represen­tatives and the work­force need to be kept informed and integrated into the process. In these times, restructuring more than ever requires extensive explanation of the need to take action and the steps that must be taken.

Well orchestrated communications and professional process design are more important than ever before. We ensure targeted and active manage­ment of the messages to industry, the public and to capital markets as well as support from policy-makers, and we guarantee systematic communi­cations to and integration of employee represen­tatives as well as managers and the work­force. 

Together with our clients, we find solutions and provide support in gaining back control of crisis situations and opening up new oppor­tunities to prosper – in communi­cations and in business.

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