Transactions & Realignment

Whether as part of growth or consoli­dation programmes, trans­actions are essential in aligning business models with the new market conditions and bolstering companies’ competitive­ness. We provide comprehen­sive support to companies on all topics relevant to the capital markets, for example around M&As, carve-outs, IPOs and capital measures.

We take an over­arching approach by working with the relevant analysts, consultants and journalists to provide our clients with a full impression of changing stake­holder perspectives. Based on this, we support companies in conducting targeted communi­cations to the press and on social media.

We also assist our clients in mastering policy-related and regulatory challenges. Corporate trans­actions are coming under increasing obser­vation by regulatory authorities and govern­ment. We develop tailored strategies that help our clients justify their trans­actions to the decision-makers in Brussels and Berlin.

Trans­actions usually come with complex integration and / or trans­formation processes after the deal has been made. Our experts in trans­formation communications support our clients in firmly esta­blishing the trans­action within the company and leading it to long-term success. It is essential in this regard to give managers and employees a sense of orientation, and to motivate them to become active and involved. 

Our inter­national AMO network is among the leading global trans­action consultants, having managed 462 transactions in the past three years (deal counts 2017–2019) and a total volume of almost 807 billion US dollars (deal value 2017–2019). We work inter­nationally by collabo­rating closely within the network and are able to success­fully deal with even very complex trans­actions.