Competence Hub

Communications these days can only succeed if smart analysis and tracking data for communi­cations as well as innovative communi­cations tools are used. Visualisation of content, messages and strategies, whether analogue or digital, is another decisive factor when it comes to reaching and convincing the targeted groups.

That is why we have set up a central Competence Hub, where we pool our expertise around visual communi­cations, digital communi­cations solutions as well as research and analytics. This is where we offer in-house expertise and act as an interface to professional external partners. Our teams of consultants can thus always make use of the latest solutions on the market when working on our clients’ projects.

Photo: Deekeling Arndt/AMO



Attaining strategic corporate objectives is not just a question of the right content. Visual communications are also key. Attractive design can present complex content, corporate objectives and key messages both clearly and concisely. We have our own Design Studio with a team of communications designers who have a profound understanding of content and strategy as they are integrated into the process at an early stage and work closely with our consultants.

Our designers’ creative ideas and approaches to visual implementation contribute towards initiating and driving forward change processes as well as creating internal and external acceptance for a company’s plans.

Our clients benefit from the innovative ideas of our designers and the interplay between consulting and design. We share a common understanding of the content and processes, and this is reflected in a range of consulting offerings and products. Together with our Design Studio, we have developed our own DAA tools, which we adapt according to the client’s task at hand and have used successfully in many projects.

Our range of services includes:

  • Corporate design and branding
  • Corporate publishing and reporting
  • Campaigns: concept development and design
  • Spatial communications: events, roadshows, company representations etc.

Research & Analytics

Data are the foundation of any modern communi­cations work. Using our digital tools, we extract the insights from data that help our clients to identify reputational risks and opportu­nities at an early stage and under­stand the opinion-making landscape. This enables them to succeed in bringing their own topics and messages into the highly dynamic media landscape.

We distill large volumes of data and online conversations in order to identify relevant opinion-makers and influencers and to find out more about their motivations, interests, mindset and language. Based on this, we determine where and how our clients can come in with their topics. This is how we lay the foundation for messages and stories that resonate with the target audience. 

Or to put it in a nutshell: We translate data into smart strategies. In the process, we constantly measure and optimise the results so that we can design communi­cations with the target group in mind and thus secure the long-term success of our clients.

Our range of services includes:

Social listening / Social media monitoring

  • Analysis of societal trends and opinions on political / regulatory projects
  • Target group analysis and segmentation
  • Stakeholder and influencer mapping 
  • Identification of relevant channels, topics and content

Online reputation and crisis monitoring

  • Brand monitoring 
  • Sentiment and conversation analyses

Performance management

  • Benchmarking and campaign evaluation 
  • Measuring of reputation 
  • Narrative and message testing

Digital Solutions

Most recently due to the pandemic, the communi­cations landscape has seen a huge shift toward digitali­sation, both in internal communi­cations and in dialogue between companies and their external share­holders. Digital communi­cations solutions are, however, not just another channel. How things are received, what impact they have and how communi­cations work in practice are fundamentally different in this sphere. 

To leverage this potential for clients, we offer the necessary expertise as well as suitable formats both in-house as well as in our collaboration with external partners.   

Our range of services includes:

  • Hybrid and virtual dialogue / event concepts
  • Conceptualisation and set-up of online platforms and social intranets
  • Virtual dialogue concepts for executives
  • Interactive tools: web design, gaming approaches, apps, video etc.