The coordinates for business activity in Germany have fundamentally shifted. The ever increasing number of regulations from Brussels and Berlin are either directly or indirectly influencing the decisions companies are making. At the same time, the influence of public opinion, the media and societal groups on how corporations implement their goals has grown.

Currently, the political response to the consequences of climate change and the ongoing corona­virus crisis are demonstrating how quickly the fundamentals of business activity in Germany and Europe can change. All the more important therefore to under­stand societal and political develop­ments in good time and make the necessary decisions for corporate manage­ment. Communicating the corporate stand­point to political decision-makers can however only succeed if companies, policy-makers and civilian society are at eye level and speak the same language. It is also becoming ever more important to be able to communicate corporate concerns in the pre-political and public space. 

Our strategic advisors analyse the issues that are important to our clients in political, economic and societal contexts. The focus of our work is on dialogue.

We assist our clients in navigating through what is happening in the political arena and help them build networks in the political, media and social spheres. Our colleagues in Berlin have worked in the past for parties, political groups, the German Bundestag or in the federal ministries and have a wealth of practical experience. They bring political thinking into the internal opinion-making and decision-forming processes of our clients, thus helping them to make corporate interests and content “politically acceptable”.

In collaboration with our colleagues from the AMO network in Brussels, we deliver detailed assess­ments of the impact European policy decisions have on Germany as a business location. We are practiced in evaluating current develop­­ments in the Parlia­ment and Commission as well as the debates in national and inter­national media. 

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Political analysis & navigation

We are at home in the political arena in Berlin and Brussels. We have a deep under­standing of political processes and comprehensive experience in assessing political discussions and the main players involved. Our analysis is based on our practical experience supported by stake­holder and (social) media mapping as well as sophisti­cated social listening tools.

Our range of services includes:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Issues management
  • Navigation through the political and societal arenas
  • Access to relevant policy-makers

Media work, dialogue formats & positioning

We believe that dialogue is the key to success. We design communi­cations strategies for our clients that suit the political and media spheres. Based on our many years of experience in media and public relations work, we develop messages for companies, associations and NGOs that will success­fully position them in Berlin and Brussels as well as on social media. With our well established “Berlin Dialogues” concept as well as parlia­mentary evenings and exclusive events, we support our clients in placing their message with policy-makers.

Our range of services includes:

  • Communications strategies
  • Political media work
  • Social media campaigns
  • Dialogue formats in the political and pre-political sphere
  • Third-party endorsement 
  • Positioning 
  • Coaching
  • Representative and liaison office