Regulation and political inter­vention are exerting a growing influence on business models, and public pressure on corporations and their executives is rising. Companies are increa­singly being seen as societal players and are being constantly called upon to legitimise their licence to operate. They are becoming more vulnerable to communi­cations crises and seeing more frequent risks to their reputation. At the same time, the conditions for success­ful communi­cations are changing fast. Driven by dynamics in society and online, classical target-group and channel-based thinking is being chipped away. New drivers increa­singly influence public opinion-making.

To succeed in this dynamic environ­ment, it is essential that companies become more resilient. A solid corporate reputation can play a key role here. It is essential to engage in communi­cations that consistently set the company’s business model in relation to the expectations of stake­holders, and place the focus on the solutions the company is providing for the benefit of society.

We identify the opinion-leaders and analyse the socio-political dynamics that are relevant for our clients. We derive deep insights from the political and media spheres as well as from social networks. We set up early-warning systems for our clients in order to prevent crises from happening and we support them during and after crisis situations. Besides strategic skills, our consultants also have extensive know­ledge of the subject matter of the areas they work in. They develop tailored communi­cations strategies and agenda-setting programmes, stakeholder-specific storylines, messages and themes – the clear aim being to create a positive image for companies and executives and to re­inforce their reputation.

For us, a focus on dialogue is a key driver in the success of any communi­cations efforts. So we create a conversation between companies, their represen­tatives and their main stake­holders – on offline platforms and online forums as well as through specially created new channels developed for the specific situation. With care­fully designed communications planning, we lay the foundation on which to build success­ful communi­cations strategies and to achieve the desired communi­cations goals.



Analysis & strategy

We dive deep into the ecosystems of companies and industries. We identify and analyse what is important for our clients in terms of key stakeholders, relevant debates in the public, media and social media spheres, as well as their main drivers and influencers. We develop tailored communications strategies and programmes for companies and their executives. This lays the foundation on which to build their profile in the relevant stakeholder environment, to develop and expand their reputation as a societal player and to reinforce their social licence to operate.

Our range of services includes:

  • Stakeholder mapping and analyses
  • Communications strategies and programmes
  • Sustainability strategies and programmes
  • Social media programmes
  • Positioning of CEOs / executives

Crisis manage­ment and communi­cations

In a fast changing stakeholder environment, it is essential for companies and their representatives to identify reputation risks at an early stage and be ready to respond quickly at all times. We observe and analyse relevant opinion-making processes in the public, media and social media spheres on an ongoing basis. We prepare our clients for the worst-case in terms of communications, and also support them during and after a crisis situation – strategically, in terms of content, and operationally. Our clients can rely on our proven expertise in classical media work and our extensive network of contacts in the relevant media. We also support them in direct dialogue with opinion-makers and stakeholders on digital platforms and on social media.

Our range of services includes:

  • Crisis prevention / scenario planning
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Training courses
  • Media work
  • Social media crisis communication

Agenda setting & dialogue

We translate communications strategies into specific content with clear messages. We prepare the ground for our clients to communicate their messages successfully by positioning their topics and measures in the public sphere, in the classical media as well as on social media. For us, a focus on dialogue is a key driver in the success of any communications efforts. That’s why we create conversations between our clients and their key stakeholders, both on existing and on specially designed platforms, and we manage the dialogue process for them. We activate companies’ public-facing communications and support them in developing and introducing effective communications processes and structures, for example by setting up newsrooms.

Our range of services includes:

  • Storytelling and programme design
  • Content and messaging
  • Roadmapping
  • Dialogue concepts and platforms
  • Study projects
  • Editorial work
  • Newsroom concepts

Corporate branding

We have an extensive track record in brand-building, in setting up brand architectures and in communicating corporate brands. We use our expertise to help clients promote awareness for their corporate brands and sharpen their profile with the relevant external and internal stakeholders – customers, the public and societal groups as well as executives, the workforce and potential job applicants. Because in an increasingly complex communications environment, a strong, clear core for the brand is the basis on which to build a consistent, positive image across all stakeholder groups.

Our range of services includes:

  • Brand building / awareness
  • Employer branding 
  • Brand architecture