The need to explain change processes to employees and managers should not be underestimated. Management can only secure confidence in its new course by offering strong arguments and ongoing communications. At the same time an environment has to be created within which managers and employees can try out the new approaches. Integration, empowerment and intervention are all required to ensure that the change is put into practice.

There is huge pressure on business models, structures and processes to transform. Companies have to master a large number of change processes that are ever more frequently happening simultaneously. As varied as the challenges are, one thing is sure: Change is not simply a question of good management; the process must also be shaped and supported with communications in mind. What is needed is orientation, clarity and interpretation, as well as specific support for managers and teams. These elements help ensure that weariness or resistance towards change are overcome and new workflows or practices are accepted – key conditions for successfully implementing the transformation process.

We are at the forefront of transformation communications and management in Germany, we have played a key role in developing and marketing the discipline, and we have fine-tuned and influenced it over time. We analyse the challenges our clients are facing and use the tools and approaches required to effectively enable change. We recognise whether and where agile methods make sense. Thanks to our wealth of experience in supporting various transformation types, we offer the necessary process expertise, develop convincing content and translate this into precisely targeted formats that suit the individual company and situation. We advise and support our customers at the interface between strategy, HR and communications.

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Diagnosis & Process Consulting

Each change is made against the back­ground of a different challenge, the specific way the people involved see the situation as well as the lived work and process culture. We create a solid basis for planning the entire change process by analysing the organisation and management team’s need for and ability to change, and we identify sensi­tivities and per­ceptions. Based on this, we develop strategies specific to the change and the company.

Our range of services includes:

  • Organisation, culture and change impact analysis
  • Process design and consulting
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Transformation Communications

Modern transformation communi­cations facilitate change and organise the dialogue between the different stake­holders, focus on integrating employees into the change process and minimise resistance; and they clarify, interpret and explain. We design top-down communi­cations where appropriate, we support managers in their role, and we also create tools and methods for dialogue as well as employee partici­pation. This way, we create a positive perception of the change process and position top manage­ment as its driving force.

Our range of services includes:

  • Consultation and coaching of CEOs and top managers 
  • Development of leadership objectives, missions and visions
  • Storylines, terminology design, visual worlds, presentations of fundamentals
  • Communication to managers
  • Employee dialogue and involvement
  • Editorial services for internal media (online, social media, print)
  • Internal communications campaigns

Transformation Management

In addition to creating a positive perception of the change and the emotions that go with that, our work is also often about the practical implemen­tation of the change within the teams. Whether new role profiles are to be introduced or behaviour patterns are to be modified – managers are confronted with the following question in their teams: What exactly will we be doing differently as of tomorrow? We assist managers in the challenging task of implemen­ting the change in day-to-day work, and we advise the manage­ment team in specifying the details of the change.

Our range of services includes:

  • Leadership empowerment
  • Change interventions and facilitation of conflicts, roles, interfaces
  • Development and facilitation of process and organisational models.
  • Transformation workshops and operational support at team level
  • Set-up and support of agile change networks
  • Practising new ways of working together (work hacks, Design Thinking, Working Out Loud, OKR)