We assist our customers in their projects in the capital markets – be it in IPO, defence mandates, capital increases or mergers and acquisitions. We interpret public and policy-making interdependencies in order to create acceptance and confidence in the markets and among the opinion-forming public. CEO communication, media relations and representation of political interests are our strong points in consultancy.

As a member of the AMO Network, we also maintain a presence in the key international stock exchanges and capital markets. This way, in collaboration with our partners, we are able to provide our customers with consulting services from Germany and support them throughout the world in their international activities.

We assist our customers in their transaction projects with our teams from the areas of

We also provide consulting services from day one of the transaction and guide our customers through the critical implementation phases, e.g. post-merger integration, strategy communication and identity management. This way, we create broad acceptance for the corporate projects among external and internal stakeholders and ensure success in a sustainable manner.

"We want the transaction to achieve value in a sustainable way. As a result, we anticipate and consider the requirements of the subsequent transformation process."

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