Our wish is that every transformation brings about further development of our customers’ companies, which in turn adds substantial value. This particularly applies to critical processes, such as restructuring, the integration of company divisions following successful merging (post-merger integration) and the digital transformation of companies. With our proven expertise, comprehensive understanding of industry and tailor-made solutions, we guide companies through complex change processes.

In the development and implementation of communication strategies in the transformation, we assist our customers with our teams from the service areas of

Corporate transformation processes aim to adjust companies to the market and open up new growth areas. Following successful transformation, deliberations on the potential splitting of whole business areas (spin-off / sales / IPO) are increasingly on the management agenda. We therefore consider scenarios relating to the capital market for our customers at an early stage.

"We want the transformation to open up new scope for corporate action. That is why we are shaping the process under the target assumptions of potential transaction scenarios."

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