Capital Market Communi­cations & Financial Relations

Investment decisions do not depend solely on a company’s financial figures and strategies; they increasingly rely on the way it is seen by society at large.

Access to the capital market can by no means be taken for granted – it is subject to tremendous volatility. Markets and the wishes of consumers are changing faster and faster. The rating of a company in the capital market and access to it have long depended not only on its economic strength, but also on political and social developments. In order to achieve growth and be successful over the long term, companies must adapt to these dynamic changes and be able to anticipate economic, political and social trends.

Capital market communications play a key role in this. Market players and investors need to feel fully convinced when it comes to investments, transactions as well as the purchasing of and merging with other companies. This is the only way to ensure confidence in the company’s own business decisions. The reputation of a company has increasing influence on its rating according to a recently published AMO study as well as the DAA trend study.

And this is where our work begins. Our experienced consultants assist clients with communications and strategy in the challenging and mission-critical capital market environment. Interlinking economic, political, social and media factors also means combining competencies from different consulting areas. Deekeling Arndt/AMO therefore assembles tailored teams for each task from the consulting divisions of Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations and Corporate & Public Affairs. This enables us to always work on the best possible solution for our clients.

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Capital measures & trans­actions

Capital measures and transactions usually involve exceptional situations in which companies often rely on external expertise and consulting services. At the same time, the attention of the financial community in such situations – especially in cases of major capital measures as well as IPOs and transnational M&As – is strongly focussed on the communications activities of the company. And other measures such as capital increases or decreases also require transparent and clear communications.

These communications activities should not only be tailored to the financial community, they must in fact include all stakeholders, regardless of whether they are customers, employees or policy-makers. We develop tailored communications strategies and target-group-specific measures for a wide range of transactions.

Our range of services includes:

  • IPO und IBO communications
  • M&A communications
  • Communications for capital increases, decreases, cuts etc.
  • Crisis communications

Corporate & equity stories

The story of a company must be consistent and at the same time told in such a way that it gets through to the different stakeholders. This applies both to corporate stories that are geared to all target groups, as well as to equity stories that are tailored to investors and the capital market.

For capital measures in particular, the equity story is indispensable. It clarifies why it is worth investing in a company. This is interesting both for investors and shareholders as well as financial journalists and analysts. The main task of the equity story is to map out the corporate strategy, vision and unique selling points. But it also emphasises the company’s competitive position, development potential as well as the management skills of the executive board.

We develop a tailored story for our clients so that they can clearly position themselves on the market and increase the company’s value.

Our range of services includes:

  • Preparation of the corporate and equity story
  • Formulation of investment highlights and key facts
  • Conceptualisation of company presentation

Defence mandates & special situations

Companies can be quick to find themselves on the defensive, for example, due to the emergence of shareholder activists. Activists generally follow one of the three following strategies: Value enhancement through takeovers; growth in the share price after removing deficits with regard to strategy and corporate management; short selling. Legal disputes also require strong communications. Depending on the scope of the accusation and the participation of prominent players, court proceedings attract a lot of media attention and are observed by the public with a critical eye.

If risk of attack is apparent, companies can create a precise communications schedule and escalation plan in advance and play out potential scenarios. A company can respond much more rapidly when well prepared. Continuous and transparent communications with all stakeholders can also have a preventive effect.

We support companies in the area of shareholder activism, in litigation PR, in fending off hostile takeover bids, in alleged misconduct of management or in product issues such as recall campaigns. We are there for our clients in such cases, both in the run-up as well as in a responsive role in crisis situations.

Our range of services includes:

  • Strategic media work
  • Litigation PR
  • Responsive communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Coaching and media training
  • Governance and compliance
  • Press and social media monitoring

Financial media work

Even in times of increasing digitalisation, media work is still highly relevant for companies, especially when it comes to reputation management. The media continue to have an essential multiplier effect when it comes to communicating a company’s strategy and key messages. The transparency of a company and transparent communications are becoming increasingly important. In order to communicate with the outside world, the Executive Board should be regularly available to answer journalists’ questions.

Financial media work is therefore considered part of strategy communications, transaction communications as well as active investor relations work.

We have long-standing relationships with financial journalists and editors. We help our clients position their company and Executive Board or experts in the relevant media. In addition, in training courses and individual briefing sessions, we prepare corporate spokespersons for interaction with journalists.

Our range of services includes:

  • Agenda setting and storytelling
  • Coordination of interviews and background discussions
  • Press releases, conferences and events
  • Media training and preparation of speakers
  • Editorial work and media planning

Investor relations

The area of investor relations comprises all communications with the financial community, i.e. investors, shareholders, analysts and (financial) journalists. Besides the complex mandatory publications pursuant to the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) and MAR, this primarily includes financial reporting. Regular and transparent communications about all relevant events are important in IR, regardless of whether these are positive or negative. Because this can minimise price volatilities and ultimately increase the stock market value of a company.

The annual report continues to be the yearly showcase in financial reporting. The figures and position of the company in the previous financial year should be presented both transparently as well as briefly and succinctly. In addition, all current key messages and investment highlights should be clearly presented and placed with the relevant target groups.

We support our clients in all areas of investor relations. Companies can outsource their entire IR or financial reporting activities to us if they so wish.

Our range of services includes:

  • Responsive communications pursuant to WpHG and MAR
  • Outsourced IR
  • Financial reporting (concept, design and project management)
  • Consulting for Annual General Meetings and capital market events
  • Shareholder targeting