Change & Leadership

The need to explain change processes to employees and managers should not be underestimated. Management can only secure confidence in their new course by providing strong arguments and ongoing mediation.

Companies have to master a multitude of change processes – whether they be restructuring, efficiency and cost-saving programmes, innovation processes or transformation of the corporate and leadership culture. More and more frequently, these processes are taking place simultaneously. In addition, global mega-trends such as digitalisation and new forms of mobility are putting companies and whole sectors under pressure.

As varied as the challenges are, one thing is sure: Change is not simply a question of good management; the process must also be shaped and supported by good communication. Focus, categorisation and interpretation are essential to this process. These elements help ensure that weariness or resistance towards change are overcome and new workflows or practices are accepted – key conditions for successfully implementing change.

For 20 years, we have been experts in change communications. In Germany, we have played a key role in developing and marketing the discipline, and we have fine-tuned and influenced it over time. Our Change & Leadership division builds on this expertise and pools advisory services around the topic of transformation processes. A wealth of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and tailor-made solutions enable us to securely manage processes, develop content and translate it into different formats, creative measures and campaigns.

We always adapt our services to the needs of our customers, supporting companies through a wide variety of transformation processes – whether that involves communications support on major long-term projects or selective sparring, on-site deployment or support from our DAA offices. We advise and support our customers based on expertise gained over many years and always work at the interface between strategy, HR and communications.

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Change diagnostics & process consulting

Restructuring, integration, strategy programmes, brand, target and model processes are different types of change processes that each bring their own set of challenges and particularities. And each change is made against the background of a different challenge, the specific perception of the people involved as well as the lived culture in terms of work and processes. Evaluating which approach and which tools are suitable for the respective task and corporate context requires experience in processes and consulting.

We create a solid basis for planning the entire change process: We analyse the organisation and management team’s need for and ability to change, we identify sensitivities and perceptions. We develop strategies specific to the change and company on the following basis: What needs to be changed when and how? Who should be informed, involved or enabled when and in what form? Where are there driving forces and resistance? How must objectives be shaped in order to gain acceptance for the change among management and employees?

Our range of services includes:

  • Organisation, culture and change analysis
  • Change design and process consulting
  • Change monitoring
  • Sparring workshops

Change commu­nications

Communication about change needs to do more than just inform managers and employees about upcoming changes in the company. As a facilitator of change, change communications create a dialogue between the different stakeholders, focus on integrating employees into the change process and minimise resistance. Modern change communications categorise, interpret and clarify. In short, they shape how the change process is perceived.

We assist our clients with their communications during change processes by providing services attuned to the structures and resources of the company. We develop clear and comprehensive content together with the Executive Board and managers, thereby ensuring broad acceptance of the change. We prepare content for the target groups and implement it using the appropriate channels. We support managers in their role and equip them with tools that promote dialogue and participation. We design top-down communication where necessary, and we also create tools and methods for dialogue as well as employee participation. This way, we create a positive perception of the change process and position top management as its driving force.

Our range of services includes:

  • Consultation and coaching of CEOs and top managers
  • Development of leadership objectives, mission and guiding principles
  • Storylines, terminology design, visual worlds, presentations of fundamentals
  • Communication to managers
  • Employee dialogue and involvement
  • Editorial services for internal media (online, social media, print)
  • Internal communications campaigns

Change management

In addition to a positive perception of the change and the associated emotional aspects, the practical implementation of the change within the teams is often also involved. Whether the task is to introduce new role profiles and processes or to modify behaviour patterns – managers are confronted with the following question in their teams: What exactly will we be doing differently as of tomorrow?

We assist managers in the challenging task of implementing the change in day-to-day work, and we advise the management team in specifying the details of the change. Our advisors support managers in reflecting on their new role, gaining the necessary leadership skills and undertaking change on a personal level. We create opportunities for learning, allocating clear tasks and instructions while still being open to impetus and cross-divisional networking. We support managers during the change process within their teams and help them embed the change in daily processes and workflows. We draw attention to resistance and potential conflicts and help to resolve them.

Our range of services includes:

  • Leadership empowerment
  • Change interventions
  • Development and facilitation of process and organisational models
  • Facilitation of conflicts, interface workshops, clarification of roles
  • Change workshops and operational change support at team level
  • Set-up and support of agile change networks

Corporate branding

In times of increasing change, a brand can be the expression of a strong identity, clear positioning and a joint vision, behind which managers, employees, shareholders and customers alike can gather. The brand acts as a guide and anchor to identify with, and also as an invitation to engage in dialogue. When the brand brings together the strengths and values of a company, it can also build up trust in the company with investors and the capital market.

Companies and their brands are under ever increasing pressure to justify their actions. This leads to uncertainty, with traditional ties being broken, customers calling the company and its products into question and communicating their criticism via social media. The corporate brand is less than ever the property of the company alone. Its credibility is negotiated in the public arena.

With this in mind, it is all the more important to use the brand to develop an image of the company and its future and to win over key target groups to the vision it has chosen. We see ourselves as providers of impetus and facilitators in this process. For us, brand creation cannot be ordered from above, it develops when there is collaboration in its design and when it is internalised. The new identity is anchored within the company, the market and society. This is how we build support and creative leeway for the company and its management.

Our range of services includes:

  • Corporate and employer branding
  • Corporate design
  • Vision and mission processes
  • Integration and identity processes
  • Cultural and value processes
  • Positioning and repositioning
  • Mobilisation campaigns