Design Studio

Attaining strategic corporate objectives depends not only on the right content but also on conveying it in the right way. Visual design takes on a key role here. Design can be an important success factor and offer key value when im­ple­menting the corporate vision and communicating with stakeholders.

The content and process competence of our consulting units is flanked by visual and creative expertise. We have our own design studio with a team of commu­nica­tions designers who cover a broad range of disciplines from print to digital.

Close collaboration with our creative people allows us to jointly develop new ideas and express complex communications messages and processes in visual concepts. As part of the consultant team, our designers support our clients both in individual projects such as creating brochures of services or annual reports, as well as in long-term, strategically aligned communications tasks and in developing end-to-end corporate designs.

We involve our design team in the consulting process at an early stage – thus enabling our clients to benefit from the innovative ideas of our designers and the interplay between consulting and design. We share a common understanding of the content and processes that is reflected in a range of consulting offerings and products. Together with our design studio, we have developed our own DAA tools such as thinkbooster®, bigpicture® and dialogmap®, which we adapt according to the client’s task at hand and have already used successfully in many change and communications processes.

Our designers’ creative ideas and visual implementation contribute towards initiating and driving forward change processes as well as creating external acceptance for a company’s plans. That is our understanding of
“Change by Design”.

Our range of services includes:

  • Corporate design and branding
  • Corporate publishing and reporting
  • Interactive design: web design, apps, films etc.
  • Campaigns: concept development and design
  • Spatial communications: events, roadshows, company representations etc.
  • Development of tools to support strategy, change and renewal processes: DAA thinkbooster®, DAA dialogmap®, DAA bigpicture® etc.

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