Digital Transformation

Due to new digital tech­nolo­gies, disruptive competitors and changing customer behaviour, digital trans­formation is one of the defining projects of our times when it comes to modernising companies. It’s about developing new, innovative and customer-centric business models and the new require­ments placed on leadership and ways of working that go hand in hand with that.

Tailored and supportive communications are essential if the digital transformation is to be a success. After all, the task of communications is to comprehensively explain the modernisation processes and to help people experience it, while taking managers and employees along on the journey into the digital world. At the same time, communications teams are themselves facing the challenge of realigning and acting as a role model for the new, digital corporate culture. Such teams have to see themselves as agile, collaborative and participative.

When it comes to communications in digital transformation processes, we draw on over 20 years of successful change consulting and take account of the particular requirements of digitalisation. To do justice to these requirements, we support modernisation projects by providing agile process designs and techniques such as Design Thinking, OKR and Work Hacks. Depending on the project, we assist our clients on site or from our DAA offices. We always work at the interface between strategy, HR, communications and IT.

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Strategic framing & story­telling

In spite of (or perhaps even because of) the general hype around the topic, there is often little understanding of what digitalisation exactly means for a company. Instead, there are vague fears and uncertainties on the one hand, and exaggerated hopes and expectations of a new, agile corporate world on the other. All of this needs to be contextualised through proper strategic framing and storytelling, and integrated into the development of the industry in general and the company in particular.

Digital transformation must be made understandable against the backdrop of each individual company – in terms of both opportunities as well as the considerable challenges associated with it. It has to be set in relation to the day-to-day work of managers and employees and made tangible there.

We assist our clients in setting their digital agenda within the right (strategic) narrative frame. With this in mind, we create a narrative of the digital transformation, on the basis of which top management clearly communicates the significance and scale of corporate renewal and becomes visible as the initiator and driver of the process. We translate this narrative into appealing stories in order to make digitalisation in day-to-day work clear and easy to understand for everyone.

Our range of services includes:

  • Coaching of CEOs, CDOs, heads of digital hubs
  • Transformation architecture and process consulting
  • Development of visions and narratives

Digital leadership & culture

Digital transformation is causing companies to increasingly become hybrid organisations. This means they are applying new, customer-centric ways of thinking and acting and are pooling expertise as well as increasing their ability to innovate. Here, factors such as the willingness to learn and experiment, to participate and self-organise play an essential role. In addition, the value systems of a new generation of employees have to be considered.

However, to secure the performance of the company, it is also necessary to be excellent in operations, disciplined in implementation and highly efficient. This, by contrast, demands a continuation of more classical and learned patterns of leadership and collaboration.

We help our clients to identify and formulate the need for cultural change in their company. With this in mind, we create a vision of leadership and collaboration for different divisions and target groups. We create programmes for managers that make it easier for them to adopt the new ways of leading and to practice new ways of collaborating. In doing this, we assist them in mastering the change in their roles and in moving with confidence within both worlds.

Our range of services includes:

  • Analysis of current patterns of leadership and collaboration (qualitative interviews)
  • Enablement of leaders to change their roles (beta leadership camps, coaching)
  • Practising new ways of working together (work hacks, Design Thinking, Working Out Loud, OKR)
  • Development of content/Guidance on language of cultural change

Digital discovering & pio­neering

In order to keep pace in the competition for innovative business models, companies increasingly need to focus on equipping themselves quickly with digital expertise. This requires close networking with digital eco-systems and the start-up community. Digital pioneers who will drive forward the transformation must be found within the company. Their support enables digital approaches and ideas to be swiftly transferred from digital hubs into the entire organisation.

We support our clients in gaining and applying digital experience within their companies. For this purpose, we organise focussed impetus at certain points in the organisation and initiate networking with start-ups in order to push forward the required modernisation by drawing on external approaches and expert input. At the same time, we create programmes for managers and employees that open up space for them to experience real digital innovations and to enter into an exchange and familiarisation process with regard to the opportunities of digitalisation.

In addition, we assist companies in setting up agile networks across the organisation to bring together and support drivers and disseminators of the digital transformation. We pursue the same goal when integrating selected managers and employees.

Our range of services includes:

  • Set up and support of platforms for co-creation (accelerators, internal crowdsourcing)
  • Networking with start-ups (learning journeys, start-up days)
  • Introduction of programmes for experiencing digitalisation (workshops, tech tastings)
  • Initiation of internal mobilisation campaigns (hackathons, innovation days)
  • Set up of internal networks of digital pioneers (exchange programmes, understanding of roles, communications support)

Reinventing commu­nications

Digitalisation also poses new challenges for communications departments. Massive changes in the media landscape are one of the reasons for this. There are more and more channels, target groups and things have to happen much faster than before. At the same time, the classical media are becoming less and less significant. The traditional way of working is taking a backseat in internal communications. Instead, topics such as social media, work/life balance and new expectations of levels of participation – especially on the part of younger employees – dominate day-to-day activities. In communications departments too, this requires new ways of working together and a new understanding of tasks and roles.

We support communications departments in redefining how they see themselves with regard to the changes in internal and external communications. This includes providing advice about setting up the department as a kind of newsroom that is able to deal with new requirements such as cross-media thinking and complex content management. And we help them to test new ways of working together within changed structures, thus creating acceptance for the new set-up.

Our range of services includes:

  • Advice on organising set-up and procedure (newsroom, agile structures)
  • Analysis of current patterns of collaboration (qualitative interviews)
  • Implementation of testing workshops to experience the new set-up (case work, swim lane exercises)
  • Support in setting up new ways of working (work hacks, shadowing, coaching)