Our Approach

From transaction to transformation, we guide companies through complex, success-critical communication phases and assist them in implementing their corporate decisions.

As proven experts in strategic communications and a member of AMO, we support our clients in transaction and transformation processes worldwide. What makes us stand out is our integrated approach to moving through these two processes. In addition to our capital market expertise, we have many years of experience in supporting transformation processes. And this provides key benefits to our customers.

Our claim “From transaction to transformation” expresses our goal of helping to conceptualise and design both internal communications and subsequent processes during mergers, takeovers and divestments for example. During a merger, for instance, our support does not end on “Day One”; we continue to provide our expertise in shaping post-merger integration processes. We are familiar with the challenges of making two companies one. So together with our customers, we create a new, integrated corporate culture and contribute towards making the merger a success story.

We want the transaction to generate long-term value. So we anticipate what is required for the subsequent transformation process.

Our claim also works the other way around: “From transformation to transaction”. We bring our many years of expertise in internal communications to transaction processes such as corporate restructuring – and we also involve our specialists in capital market communications or our experienced political communications advisors as soon as questions relevant to the capital market or the political arena arise. Examples of this would be when transformation processes lead to the sale or stock market launch of parts of the company. Similarly, strategic realignment or restructuring processes often have to go hand in hand with political support.

We want the transformation process to open up new opportunities for companies to prosper. Therefore, we shape the process with possible transaction scenarios in mind.

“From transaction to transformation” – and vice versa “From transformation to transaction” – we support our customers in guiding their business decisions to success. This includes ensuring that they are equally accepted on the capital market and by investors, by executives and employees, in public and by policy-makers.