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At Deekeling Arndt/AMO, (DAA), we see communications as a key driver for business success and our clients view us as real partners. We work with them to lead the communication process by helping to define, develop, deliver and manage communications strategy, while aligning key messages for all relevant stakeholders.

Our clients value our bold, innovative approach, dialogue-enabling communication strategies and monitoring tools. We use these to challenge the status quo and offer real-time advice to anticipate and manage risks, enhance decision-making and help ensure the right results for their businesses. For both internal and external communication, we work with our clients to create consistent messages and processes, thereby supporting their brand positioning and protecting their corporate reputation.

All of the best resources, skills and tools are pooled to deliver for our clients through our Corporate & Public Affairs, Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations, Digital Transformation and Change & Leadership divisions, as well as our Design Studio. Our 70 consultants come from a variety of corporate backgrounds, having previously worked for communications agencies or management consultancies. In depth consultancy skills, together with heavy-weight practical experience, are our primary considerations when it comes to recruitment and staff development. More than 50 per cent of our team comprises consultants with more than ten years' business experience.

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