Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations

The capital market is a key element of a free market economy. Companies procure new funding to finance investments and therefore secure the freedom and security of future corporate decisions, at least in theory. In reality, access to the capital market cannot be taken for granted – it is subject to tremendous volatility. Markets and the wishes of consumers are changing at an ever-increasing speed. The rating of a company in the capital market and access to it have long depended not only on its economic strength, but also on political and social developments. In order to achieve growth and be successful over the long term, companies must adapt to these dynamic changes and anticipate economic, political and social trends.

Capital market communication plays a key role in this. Market players and investors need to feel particularly convinced when it comes to investments, transactions as well as purchasing and merging with other companies in the mid- and long-term. Confidence in one’s corporate dealings can only be ensured in this way. According to a DAA trend study, the impact of reputation on the rating of companies will continue to grow.

With the integrated consulting approach "from transaction to transformation", Deekeling Arndt/AMO follows this strategy closely. Our experienced consultants assist clients with communication and strategy in the challenging and mission-critical capital market environment. The interlinking of economic, political, social and media interdependencies also requires competency in different consulting areas. Deekeling Arndt/AMO therefore assembles teams according to the tasks from the consulting divisions of Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations and Corporate & Public Affairs, which means that we constantly work on the best possible solution for our clients.

Our specific offer in the area of Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations is comprised of the following:

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