Capital measures and M&A transactions

Capital measures and transactions usually involve exceptional situations in which companies often rely on external expertise and consulting services. At the same time, the attention of the financial community in such situations – in cases of major capital measures as well as IPOs – is intensely focussed on the communication of the company. Other measures such as capital increases or reductions also require transparent and clear communication.

The communication should not only be tailored to the financial community, it must in fact include all stakeholders, regardless of whether they are customers, employees or politicians.

Deekeling Arndt/AMO develops tailored communication strategies and measures for a wide range of transactions.

Our specific offer in the area of capital measures and M&A transactions is comprised of the following:

  • IPO and IBO communication
  • M&A communication
  • Communication for capital increase, reduction, cut etc.
  • Crisis communication
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