Defence mandates and special situations

Companies can be quick to find themselves on the defensive, for example, due to an attack by short sellers, as could be observed more frequently in recent times. In some instances, the company is attacked without a solid foundation. Nevertheless, the share price is very sensitive to this. It is imperative to respond in a well-considered yet swift manner, communicate comprehensively and transparently, and ultimately refute allegations. If risk of attack is apparent, companies can create a precise schedule and escalation plan in advance that includes process steps for communication. A company can respond much more rapidly when well prepared.

However, attacks can potentially not only affect the reputation and therefore the value of a company, but they can also occur with hostile takeover attempts. In such situations, it is possible to repel a takeover attempt or work out alternative solutions. DAA supports you in shareholder activism in cases of alleged misconduct of management or product issues, such as recalls.

Deekeling Arndt/AMO consults you in the run-up to the creation of escalation plans and the testing of potential scenarios as well as in ad hoc situations.

Our specific offer is comprised of the following:

  • Media work
  • Press and social media monitoring
  • Litigation PR
  • Crisis communication
  • Governance and compliance
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