Financial media work

In times of increasing digitalisation, media work is still of high importance for companies, especially when it comes to reputation management. The transparency of a company, or rather transparent communication, is becoming increasingly important. In order to externalise it, the Executive Board should take the time to answer the questions of journalists or regularly be at their disposal.

The media is still an important multiplier when it comes to distributing a strategy and the core message of a company. Financial media work is also regarded as a component of active investor relations work.

Deekeling Arndt/AMO has long-standing contacts with financial journalists and editors. We help you position your company and Executive Board or experts in the relevant media.

Our specific offer is comprised of the following:

  • Agenda setting or storytelling
  • Coordination of interviews and background discussions
  • Press releases, conferences and events
  • Editing and media planning
  • Media training and preparation of the speaker
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