Change communications

Clarifying corporate projects and shaping perception

Change communication needs to achieve more than just informing managers and employees of upcoming changes in the company. As a moderator of the change, it creates a dialogue between the different stakeholders, integrates specific employees in the change process and minimises resistance. Modern change communication categorises, interprets and clarifies. In short, it shapes the perception of the change process.

We assist our customers in communicative tasks during change with services attuned to the structures and resources of the company. This way, we create a positive perception of the change process and position top management to be its driving force. We develop conclusive and comprehensive content together with the Executive Board and managers, thereby ensuring its broad acceptance. We prepare content for the target groups and put it into practice using suitable measures. We support managers in their role and design training tools that effectively enable them to communicate with employees in a compelling manner. We shape the necessary centrally controlled top-down communication as well as the exchange of dialogue, whether in personal formats or via social media.

Our specific offer in the area of change communications is comprised of the following:

  • Consultation and coaching of CEOs and top managers
  • Development of leadership objectives, mission and guiding principles, branding (DAA bigpicture®)
  • Development of storylines, concept design and picture worlds
  • Top management styles (concept, coaching and ghostwriting)
  • Managerial communication (events, online communities and media)
  • Employee dialogue and involvement (DAA dialogmap® and DAA transformation poster®)
  • Editing of internal media (online, social media and print)
  • Internal communication campaigns
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