Change diagnostics and process consulting

Uncovering challenges in change and tackling them head on

Restructuring, integration, strategy programmes and brand, target and model processes are different types of change processes that bring their own set of challenges and particularities. Each change is made against the backdrop of a different corporate history, the specific perception of the active players as well as the practised work and process culture. Evaluating which approach and which tools are suitable for the respective task and corporate structure requires experience in processes and consulting.

We create a strong basis for the planning of the entire change process by analysing the organisation and management team's need and ability to change, and identifying the impacts and different perceptions. We develop strategies specific to the change and company on the basis of the following: What needs to be changed when and how? Who should be informed, involved or given power when and in what form? Where are there driving forces and obstacles? How must objectives be shaped in order to gain acceptance for the change among management and employees? We advise you on these questions from the overall concept through to selective sparring.

Our specific offer is comprised of the following:

  • Organisation, culture and change analysis (qualitative interviews and change impact analysis)
  • Change design and process consulting
  • Change monitoring (risk monitoring, pulse checks and sounding boards)
  • Sparring workshops (for existing plans of the customer)
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