Change management

Assisting managers on an individual and targeted basis

In addition to a positive perception of the change and the associated emotive elements, the practical implementation of the change in the team is often also involved. Whether new role profiles are introduced or changed behaviour patterns are involved, managers are confronted with the following question in their teams: What exactly will we be doing differently as of tomorrow?

We assist managers in the challenging task of implementing the change in the daily work routine and advise the management team on ascertaining the details of the change. We support managers in reflecting on their new role, exercising the necessary leadership skills and undertaking change on a personal level. We create space for learning, providing clear assignments and instructions as well as still being open to impulse and cross-divisional networking. We support managers during the change in their teams and assist with embedding the change in daily processes and workflows. We draw attention to obstacles and potential conflicts and help to resolve these.

Our specific offer is comprised of the following:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Leadership models and leadership camps
  • Coaching and teambuilding
  • Change intervention
  • Development and moderation of process and organisational models
  • Moderation of conflicts, interface workshops and clarification of roles
  • Change workshops and operative change support at the team level
  • Development and support of agile change networks
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