Corporate branding

For a common vision of the company’s future

Companies and their brands are under ever increasing pressure to justify their actions. This leads to uncertainty, with traditional ties being broken, customers calling the company and its products into question and communicating their criticism via social media. The corporate brand is less than ever the property of the company alone – its credibility is negotiated in the public arena.

However, it is the corporate brand itself that can provide an answer to this challenge: in times of increasing change, it can be the expression of a strong identity, clear positioning and a common vision, behind which executives, employees, shareholders and customers can unite. The brand acts as a guide and anchor for the company’s identity, but also as an invitation to engage in dialogue. If the brand convincingly combines the strengths and values of a company, it can also build trust on the part of investors or the capital market in the company and the course it is taking. 

We support your company in designing this process. The aim is to use the brand to develop a vision of the company and its future and to win over key target groups to this approach. We see ourselves as moderators who act as catalysts in this process. 

We bring the brand and the corporate identity together and use outside-in methods and creative tools to enable new perspectives and ways of viewing things. Belief in the brand cannot be ordered from above. It develops through joint design and internalisation. This is why we develop processes that come from the core of the company and make sure that executives, works council representatives, employees and external stakeholders are involved. The new identity is anchored within the company, the market and society. This is how we build support and creative leeway for the company and its management. 

Corporate branding enables companies to develop a common vision of the future and to convincingly communicate its core identity by involving key stakeholders. 

Our specific offer in the area of corporate branding is comprised of the following:

  • Corporate and employer branding
  • Corporate design
  • Vision and mission processes
  • Integration and identity processes
  • Cultural and value processes
  • Positioning and repositioning
  • Mobilisation campaigns
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