Corporate & Public Affairs

Strengthening the 'licence to operate'

Due to the economic downturn and other societal changes and trends, the external landscape for organisations has changed significantly.

Gone are the days when only investors, analysts and markets controlled a company's future prospects and business figures. Organisations today have many complex hurdles and challenges to navigate in order to sustain business growth and future-proof their success.

Nowadays, successful companies have to stand firm against a back drop of demanding political and social conflicts. This is because in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of public pressure on companies – and indeed whole industries – to resolve and have a clear policy on big social issues, such as climate change, globalisation and corporate citizenship. Therefore, it's no coincidence that analysts and rating agencies are now increasingly evaluating companies based on their corporate agenda, how they meet changing social and political expectations, and how capable they are of dealing with volatile political demands.

So, the challenges are mounting and the days of 'back-room lobbying' and the informal approach to collaboration between business and politics are over. In today's world, where politicians, the media, social groups and links to social media are so intertwined, the willingness and ability to engage in a broad-based social and political dialogue is a key requirement of organisations and their senior management – and an absolute must for corporations to survive in the capital markets.

Deekeling Arndt Advisors' Corporate & Public Affairs consulting division offers proven expertise in supporting companies in this key management task. Skills in different consulting areas are required in order to find solutions to complex issues. Political and media matters are usually highly important in the capital market, and vice versa. Such being the case, Deekeling Arndt Advisors assembles teams from the consulting areas of Corporate & Public Affairs and Capital Market Communications & Financial Relations, for example, in the political flanking of transactions, agenda setting, reputation management and crisis communication. We constantly work on the best possible solution for our clients according to the tasks and our integrated consulting approach "from transaction to transformation".

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