Corporate positioning and reputation

In this day and age, speed and flexibility are often vital for the existence of companies in the capital market. Anyone who is not able to respond to disruptive developments, such as digitalisation and social change, will not be successful in the long run. At the same time, companies and their management need a clear strategy that provides direction internally and externally and is geared towards medium and long-term company and business objectives. This creates predictability of the capital market and focus for their own employees.

What’s more, company developments take place under the gaze of an increasingly critical public and media, and CEOs, CFOs and Supervisory Board bosses are the focus of public and media interest. As a result, mainly large companies suffer a growing loss of trust and reputation. Objective arguments hardly have the desired effect, instead, debates on fundamental economic policy changes are held with emotion.

Clear positioning and a precisely tailored communication strategy are crucial in order to hold one’s ground in this dynamic area of conflict between the capital market, the public and media. Strategic communication, which takes account of the capital market as well as social developments, constitutes a key factor, especially because the impact of reputation on the rating of companies will continue to grow, according to a DAA trend study. It ultimately creates the conditions for trust, credibility and acceptance of the company activity and invests in the reputation of the company and its position in the capital market over the long term.

In addition, we master the repertoire of strategic media work and assist our clients in shaping opinions at national and EU level thanks to many years of experience and reliable contacts with journalists.

Our specific offer in the area of corporate positioning and reputation is comprised of the following:

  • Executive coaching
  • CEO communications
  • Opinion leader and multiplier communications
  • Communication strategies
  • Strategic media work
  • Positioning policy
  • Perception and opinion analyses
  • Content and messaging
  • Study projects
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