Crisis and special situations

Plant shutdowns, product recalls, environmental damage, sabotage, investigations by the Public Prosecutor, public quarrels with competitors on economic grounds, macroeconomic crisis scenarios; the list of individual company crises can be long. Although they often occur overnight, they usually have a backstory. In many cases, crises are not only the result of violations of legal or social standards perpetrated by individuals, but also the consequence of management and communication errors.

The threat potential is clear – crises usually indicate a dramatic narrowing of the scope for corporate action and take up significant resources in the process. Successful crisis management must therefore always contribute to opening up new courses of action.

Our specific offer in the area of crisis and special situations is comprised of the following:

Crisis prevention

  • Risk assessment
  • Crisis scenarios and crisis communication plans  
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communication guidelines and handbooks
  • Desktop and real-time crisis simulation
  • Media training

DAA crisis navigator (crisis communication and management)

  • Strategic ad hoc planning
  • Preservation of speaking skills and leadership role
  • Actual state analysis and scenario planning
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Media relations
  • Reputation recovery
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