Litigation and disputes

Legal disputes have a strong communicative component. Depending on the scope of the allegation and involvement of prominent players, court proceedings attract great media interest and are critically followed by the public.

In order to minimise impending risks to reputation arising from legal disputes, the provision of professional support in legal disputes at the communicative level from the start to the end is of key importance.

Deekeling Arndt Advisors provides consulting services in legal proceedings, in close cooperation with law firms as required. This includes target-group-oriented communication of contentious issues, communication that prepares for, supports and follows up from the proceedings, preparation of key points, media and presentation coaching as well as press relations.

Our specific offer in the area of litigation and disputes is comprised of the following:

  • Strategic media work
  • Navigation
  • Coaching
  • Media training
  • Storytelling


Deekeling Arndt/AMO has now summarised its own strategic approach to the topic in a brief report, outlining risks and opportunities for successful public relations work in times of litigation.

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