Public affairs and government relations

Policy-makers are increasingly determining the framework for corporate activity, they exercise regulatory influence and initiate and control socio-political discourses. How does politics operate at its foundations? How are opinions encountered and compromises reached? Who are the relevant players, who should be involved and when?

In light of such increasingly complex questions relating to opinion-forming and decision mechanisms, the mediation and implementation of corporate interests is becoming an ever greater challenge. It is therefore all the more important that companies have relevant contacts and networks at the national and European level so that they can effectively address their interests and gain the necessary acceptance.

However, experience shows how prone the communication between political and corporate players is to misunderstanding and background noise. It points to the basic problem that politics often lacks understanding of economic correlations and the economy often lacks the necessary political initiative. In many cases, the lack of presence in political decision-making processes is the cause of unsatisfactory dialogue.

We help our clients build networks in the political and social spheres and assist them in developing a specific political skill in order to safely navigate political events, and remain aligned with company objectives and interests in the process.

Our consultants address the key players in an individual and targeted manner and therefore make it possible to place company content in key positions. They act as 'bridge builders' or 'cultural mediators' who are able to translate the interests of the economy for politics and make them 'politically acceptable'.

We have solid high-level access to key decision-makers in Berlin and Brussels. With our established dialogue platform "Berlin dialogue", we shape the exchange between opinion leaders from politics, the economy, media and society in the pre-political sphere.

Our specific offer in the area of public affairs and government relations is comprised of the following:

Analysis and strategy

  • Consulting in strategy and tactics
  • Issue management / policy workshops
  • Messaging and content
  • Stakeholder mapping / stakeholder analyses    


  • Networking
  • Briefing
  • Monitoring
  • Early warning system

Dialogue and advocacy

  • Representation of political interests
  • Building of representative and liaison offices
  • Solid access routes / contact work (at the national and EU level)
  • Alliances
  • Stakeholder dialogue (political and pre-political sphere)
  • Digital public affairs
  • Political campaigning
  • Reputation management
  • Positioning policy
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