Design Studio

'Change by Design' as an important cornerstone

Attaining strategic corporate objectives is not just a question of the right content but also of conveying it in the right way. Alongside communications, design takes on a key role here. This is why Deekeling Arndt/AMO has its own Design Studio manned by a team of communications designers covering a broad range of disciplines from analogue to digital.

A shared understanding of content and processes when it comes to design and consulting is reflected in a wealth of advisory products and services. Tailored to each client’s specific needs and challenges, these are deployed in a diverse array of assignments.

At Deekeling Arndt/AMO, consulting activities are flanked by the Design Studio both in individual measures, such as the production of company brochures or annual reports, and in long-term, strategically oriented communications tasks as well as the development of end-to-end corporate designs. This in-house design expertise allows us to round out our content- and process-related competencies with visual and creative know-how. Thanks to close collaboration with our creative team, we can visualise complex communicative messages and processes and stimulate new ideas and thinking. Traditional patterns of perception and action are broken, making way for something new to take shape.

By involving our design team in the consulting process at an early stage, not only we ourselves but above all our clients benefit from the interaction of diverse disciplines and the innovative ideas of our designers. As an integral part of DAA, our Design Studio is as much a guarantor of vivid, illustrative tools as it is a channel for rendering complex issues in readily accessible visual form.

The products, services and tools provided by our Design Studio complement the content- and process-related expertise of our consulting teams, so that 'Change by Communications' goes hand in hand with 'Change by Design'.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Corporate Design & Branding

    • Brand image (development of logos, key visuals, colour schemes, typography, visual language, graphic style, etc.)
    • Production of design guidelines (manuals)

  • Corporate Publishing & Reporting

    • Editorial design (magazines, image brochures, etc.)
    • Annual, financial and sustainability reports

  • Interactive design: Web design, apps, films, etc.
  • Campaign: Concept development and design
  • Spatial communications: Events, roadshows, company representations, etc.
  • Development of large-format tools such as DAA thinkbooster®, DAA dialogmap®, DAA bigpicture®, etc. for supporting strategic, change and renewal processes
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