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In the global world of the 21st century, business has become increasingly complex. Trading boundaries have been broken down by deregulation, giving more and more players easier access to markets that were previously unreachable. Digital and social networking has changed the methods and speed of communication for individuals, businesses and society at large, blurring the lines between internal and external messages and stakeholder groups as well as creating new interdependencies. Additionally, the economic climate brings considerable volatility, where it's impossible to predict the impact of disasters or crises – making it extremely difficult for businesses to forward plan with any degree of certainty. This has prompted radical changes to markets and business models in many industries.

In light of this new dynamic complexity, flexibility and the ability to adapt to change are, more than ever before, a crucial competitive advantage for organisations. These attributes have to be deployed in a climate of strict regulations, regular political interventions, plus debates about energy efficiency and climate protection. Additionally, the general public has deepened its scrutiny of organisations and their actions, leading to questions such as, "What does corporate social responsibility mean to you?", "What are you doing for the next generation?" These issues are triggering a range of trends and communications challenges for companies today.

DAA supports its clients in a wide range of industry sectors. The service portfolio includes communicative support and political flanking of equity market transactions, reputation management, crisis communications as well as communicating change and digital transformation – for example during strategic realignment or during mergers.

Our clients include DAX corporations, MDAX and SDAX companies, as well as Mittelstand. We have worked with some of the biggest names from the following industry sectors:

  • Energy and the environment
  • Transport and logistics
  • Retail and services
  • Banking and insurance
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Chemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Associations and institutions
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