“An M&A Odyssey”

Communicators are playing a greater role than ever in closing international deals. They help companies to navigate their way through the thicket of changing regulations, new political conditions and local nuances – essential to the successful closing of any transaction. AMO, the leading international strategic advisory network of corporate and financial communications consultancies, has published a communicator’s workbook that helps companies understand what is possible worldwide, and what is not.

The workbook, “An M&A Odyssey: A Communicator’s Guide to Foreign Investment Reviews” provides an overview of the changing dynamics of foreign direct investment and maps out the target-group-specific communications requirements that need to be taken into account.

“Cross-border M&A has become much more challenging as protectionist tendencies gather strength around the world,” said AMO Chairman, Angus Maitland. “As the market looks to establish a new normal, these transactions carry far more uncertainty. As a result, the role of a global communicator has never been more important in creating effective strategies that reflect local nuances in a globally connected world.”

The report addresses the dynamics of cross-border M&As in North America, Europe and Asia and examines how these conditions can feed into effective communications strategies to help secure the transactions. The workbook is a practical tool that offers guidance for communicators to understand the general approval process, the shifting local landscape and what local stakeholders expect. This first edition offers market overviews of Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.

The workbook can be found here or at www.amo-global.com. Read more about our network.