Communications in times of digital transformation

Communications play a success-critical role when shaping digital transformation – this is the general thesis of our book. Digital transformation leads to disruption in the corporate and business world. Traditional business models, leadership routines as well as corporate cultures are radically called into question. The old certainties and routines of optimisation-driven change management no longer hold true.

But what does this mean for corporate communication teams? How do they have to change the way they see themselves? Renowned experts from companies and consulting firms offer practical examples of the contribution communications can make towards making the digital transformation a success. From a number of perspectives, they paint a multi-facetted picture of the new challenges and tasks. The book thus documents for the first time the experience so far, what needs to be taken into account in times of digital transformation and what makes it successful.

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The book is available at bookshops or online from Springer Gabler (only available in German).