An analysis on the predictability of deal leaks

The second part of a study carried out by abernathy macgregor/amo, our partners in New York and also a member of the /amo network has just been published. The study aimed to find out how predictable deal leaks to the media are.

The study produced some surprising results. It reviewed 339 US transactions of more than $ 5 billion since 2015. It shows that leaks in the press, which reveal a trans­action before its formal announce­ment, are more or less predictable depending on different factors, for example:

  • the size of the trans­action (only 46 % of small trans­actions leak, compared to 86 % of large ones),
  • the sector (telecom deals are twice as likely to leak as energy deals),
  • the season (42 % of winter deals leaked, compared to 57 % in summer).

Find the complete report “When deals spring a leak VOLUME 2 – An analysis on the predictability of deal leaks” here.