Business Change and Restructuring

Nothing can be taken as certain these days. Every­thing is con­stantly in flux, from techno­logies to consumer behaviour, to values and beliefs. Markets react to these dis­rup­tions and start to fluctuate. The pressure to compete and adapt is immense. Is your company also facing changes in strategy and strict savings programmes or even work­force cutbacks due to this in­stability? These often concurrent trans­formation projects have to be care­fully managed. And from a communi­cations perspective, they need to be handled by pro­fes­sionals. After all, your organi­sation will only emerge stronger from the trans­formation process if every­body involved under­stands and supports what is happening. The most pressing tasks are to bring managers and teams on board, provide guid­ance and make decisions trans­parent.

What you can expect from us

It is the people at your company who are impacted by change projects, in addition to the structure of your organi­sation. We will be at your side at the inter­face between strategy, Human Resources (HR) and communi­cations on their way towards necessary change. With ana­lytical ex­per­tise; with a high level of competence and passion; and last but not least with a wealth of experience in processes, methods and tools.

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What we will do for you

Shifting strategy

We will mobilise your company’s own strengths to ensure success­ful strategic re­align­ment.


With the aid of good communi­cations we will stabilise your organi­sation both oper­a­tionally and morally for its new beginning.

Post Merger Integration

We will help different cultures become one strong unit under your roof.


With our support, you will success­fully entrench new rules and routines in your company.

Process optimisation

We will help you establish procedures, become familar with them and integrate them into your lived day-to-day organisation.