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Germany is Europe’s logistics hub. With three million employees and a turn­over of 319 billion euros in 2022, logistics is the third-largest economic sector in Germany. It is key in terms of ensuring stable supplies to companies and consumers. Empty shelves in super­markets and delays in pro­duction due to missing parts are imme­diately notice­able when logistics do not flow smoothly. The Covid pandemic and recent global crises have shown how sus­cep­tible supply chains are to disruption.

The digital trans­formation and sus­tain­ability are also rapidly changing the logistics sector. Digi­talised supply chains, automated driving and the use of arti­ficial intelligence are just a few examples of how logistics are trans­forming. In order to be fit for the future, companies need skilled labour and talent. There is already a huge shortage of personnel in logistics, with thousands of truck and train driver jobs currently vacant. And a desperate search is ongoing for IT specialists who can develop digital plat­forms and solutions for resource-saving and low-emission logistics.

Added to the digital trans­formation are the sustainability demands that policy-makers and society place on businesses. Climate-neutral logistics processes and trans­port are essential to achieving climate targets. There is a lot of potential to reduce CO2 emissions in logistics. However, govern­ment red tape and infra­structural deficiencies, such as di­lap­idated bridges, roads and railways and the doubling of the truck toll, prevent innovation, make business more difficult and impair competitive­ness.

What you can expect from us

Logistics companies have been an integral part of our client port­folio for many years, so we are aware of the major challenges and special charac characteristics of the industry. We know who to contact in the political arena, at industry associations and in the media. We create dialogue between logistics experts so that they can focus their topics on specific target groups. At the inter­face of strategy, communi­cations and human resources, we actively support our clients throughout all phases of trans­formation. With a strong narrative, we position companies and communicate con­sis­tently to customers and employees. Thanks to our many years of experience in change manage­ment, we know what leader­ship and communi­cations need to look like during take­overs and in crisis situations. We create the necessary visibility, even when the markets are turbulent. Our expertise includes empowering board members and managers so that they can involve employees and actively engage in dialogue with unions and other employee repre­sentatives. In this way, we expand the room for manoeuvre for your strategic plans and secure the future viability of your company.


What we will do for you


In terms of both strategy and content, we position your company as a reliable player in logistics net­works that ensure stable supplies to consumers and companies.

Employer branding

We work with you to develop an authentic employer brand that will enable you to retain employees and be recognised when searching for skilled workers and talent.

Change communications

We provide you with our extensive experience in communi­cating change processes. Our highly effective experts support you in de­vel­oping and introducing a new corporate and leader­ship culture.

Crisis communications

Data is the most important currency in digitalised logistics and needs to be protected accord­ingly. We support you both pre­ven­tively and in one-off situations against cyber-attacks.

Employee communications

We work with you to ensure that key information reaches all employees at the right time, regardless of whether they are working on the roads, on the train tracks or from home.

Sustainability communications

We hone your company’s sus­tain­ability profile and position it as a credibly sus­tainable brand.