Public Affairs and Governmental Relations

Germany and Europe are in the middle of their greatest phase of political and economic trans­formation since World War II. The challenges presented by the climate crisis, the dis­ruptions caused by digitali­sation and demographic change as well as the impact of war in Europe are having huge effects on all areas of industry. The leg­isla­tive and the executive are being forced to very rapidly react to these many trans­formational challenges and to actively shape change. In this situation it is im­por­tant to maximise your own company’s room for manoeuvre. To be prepared as a company for the future, you have to be able to be skill­fully and strate­gi­cally present and influential on the stage of societal discourse, and you need to repre­sent your interests in the (party)-political arena and in national legis­lation. To do this success­fully you need to under­stand the processes and mechanisms involved. And you also need to be able to com­pre­hensively and con­vinc­ingly formulate your arguments to stake­holder groups.

What you can expect from us

Our experts at our Berlin office will be by your side when it comes to influencing relevant stake­holders and in finding the right people to listen to you at the right time and in the right place – in govern­ment, the media and with industry asso­cia­tions. With their back­ground in political parties, groups and ministries our con­sultants will help you track of what is going on on the po­liti­cal stage. They bring to the table their previous expertise in politics, make contacts, es­tab­lish dialogue oppor­tu­nities, thus helping you to present your topics and demands in a “politi­cally compatible” way. And thanks to our Brussels colleagues from the /amo net­work, we always have access to deep insights into European policy develop­ments that are so relevant to Germany as an in­dus­trial location.

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What we will do for you

Political monitoring and analysis

We will keep you well informed by monitoring current political develop­ments and their potential consequences in a tailored way for your company.

Political navigation

We will help you to interpret political processes and debates and to respond through focussed communi­cations.

Strategic political consulting

With you, we will define a public affairs strategy to enable you to react in the best way possible to political and societal trends and, if so desired, to influence them.

Dialogue in the (pre)-political sphere

We will organise dialogue formats and alliances for you to enable you to take part in relevant discussions.


We will ensure that your side of the argument is heard and taken account of in policy de­lib­erations.

Media positioning

We will support you with our broad network of journalists in positioning your messages in the media.