Issues and Crisis Management

The profound trans­formation that industry and society are currently ex­peri­encing is full of tensions and conflict. Companies are in­creasing­ly confronted with court cases, and managers are caught in the cross­hairs of the law. In addition, risks abound in ongoing business opera­tions. Accidents at work for example, hacker attacks, or breaches of compliance. A company and its top manage­ment can face many different issues at the same time. This puts com­panies’ financial situation as well as their reputation at risk. Suddenly, the trust placed in your company by customers, business partners and the general public is at stake. The better prepared your communi­cations are for the worst case, the higher the chance you have to get through a crisis un­scathed. And in acute situations in parti­cular, you will need to rely on pro­fes­sional crisis manage­ment. Because in such situations you have to be fast, united and precise in what you communi­cate. Your task is to inform people about what is happening in a trans­parent and coordinated way, thus main­taining control of how it is inter­preted.

What you can expect from us

Our experienced specialists in hand­ling corporate communi­cations crises are at your side, both in a pre­ven­tative capacity as well as in exceptional emergency situations. We carry out on­going analysis of the facts and risks, deliver content in short regular intervals and or­ches­trate the entire process of in­forming your stake­holders. This allows you to focus on what is essential, i.e. to gain control of the situation as soon as possible.


What we will do for you

Corporate restructuring

We will protect your repu­tation in this often highly contro­versial process.

Compliance and litigation

We will apply smart communi­cations strategies to minimise the repu­tation risk that comes with incidents and legal disputes.

Data privacy and cyber security

We will help you become opera­tional when tricky data issues and IT topics come up.

Crisis prevention

With you, we will develop pre­ven­tative procedures and train your organi­sation to deal with crisis situations.