The Transformation Company

Trans­formation in our times tends to be funda­mental, concurrent and often accompanied by crisis. Industry, society and policy-makers face greater challenges than ever before – due to the climate crisis, geopolitical disruptions, new ways of working, and increasing digita­li­sation. All of this is happening in a period in which the very dynamics of how public opinion is formed, and even communi­cation itself, is completely changing. This leads to great challenges, complex tasks and a huge need for guidance and support.

Helping shape corporate trans­formation through communi­cations is the very essence of what we do as consultants. It remains in our DNA to this day. We aim to under­stand the changes and challenges facing compa­nies – in terms of their strategic align­ment, stake­holder expecta­tions, target conflicts and corporate mindsets.

We believe that communi­cations are key to any trans­formation. Change requires true under­standing and dialogue rather than fancy packaging and loud voices. ​

That’s why we love getting into the nitty gritty of things. We are not satis­fied until every little detail has been considered. Instead of applying the same template to every job, we take the real world of each individual client as the jump-off point for our consulting services.

We know how companies tick, what drives them. We are there when swift and effective solu­tions are needed. This is our yard­stick for our­selves – especially in dynamic environ­ments and in the face of complex conditions.

We firmly believe that now, more than ever, good communi­cations are essential for the huge trans­formations of our times. That’s why we are here, for our clients. It’s the value we add.