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Vehicle elec­tri­fication, new opportunities, as well as the challenges of soft­ware, autonomous driving, con­nec­tivity and increasingly strict emissions legislation in more and more markets are fun­da­mentally changing the land­scape in the automotive industry. Customer ex­pec­tations – whether end customers or OEMs for suppliers – are changing massively. Only those who keep pace will be able to claim pole position in the future. At the same time, the field is opening up for new competitors with comprehensive software expertise, who often find it easier to build hardware. The ongoing trend towards software-defined vehicles is leading to a necessary rethink in the historically evolved core business of the German automotive industry, demanding new business models, new collabo­rations and new offerings that take an integrated approach to mobility. And as if the challenges of trans­formation were not enough, the geo­political and macro­economic environ­ment, especially in Europe, remains dominated by major disruptions. Innovation and adaptability are becoming success-determining factors that – despite increasing cost pressure in all market segments – also require financial support and entre­preneurial agility. The race to be at the fore­front of global competition is in full swing. All competitors want to be in the fast lane – there is no time for a pit stop.

What you can expect from us

An industry-wide strategic rethink requires communi­cations – both inter­nally and exter­nally. As a long-standing partner to inter­national customers from all areas of the auto­motive industry, we know what the markets require, and are familiar with the internal and external opportunities and challenges for successful trans­formation. We help you to communi­cate your strategic goals – and to customise your communi­cations for each stake­holder group. Our main focus here is on managing the intransparent mix of issues, addressing conflicting goals and making complexity under­standable.

What we will do for you


Clear ambitions and visions point the way to the future. We develop convincing narratives to make your trans­formation under­standable for all stake­holders.


Committed and convinced managers are key. We forge a network of change advocates who communicate the changes across the board.


We help you keep track of the inter­actions between different stake­holder groups and to implement and explain the changes in a focussed and efficient manner – so that all target groups follow your path.


Over­coming lean periods, formulating motivating future pictures, turning those affected into participants – these are all important moments in your change campaign that contribute to the success of the complex trans­formation.