Transactions & Financial PR

Capital trans­actions are the engine of change – many parties are involved and they are usually carried out under huge time pressure. There is much at stake. So the pressure is high to convince stake­holders of the investor’s growth story. Different groups aim to benefit from the success or failure of the trans­action. They try to exert influence. And last but not least, the special interests of business or industry are often ex­pressed in some­times hectic media reporting. So while a con­vincing growth story is cer­tainly necessary, professional manage­ment of the challenging communi­cations require­ments and target groups – from investors and share­holders to banks and consultants to super­visory bodies and policy-makers is also essential. And the pressure to communi­cate does not end with the trans­action. For lasting success it is important that the work­force, share­holders and other stake­holders continue to stand by the company or investor after the trans­action.

What you can expect from us

Whether on M&As, carve-outs, IPOs, raising of high-yield debt capital or dealing with share­holder activists, we support you in forming and implementing your communi­cations strategy. Even under extreme time pressure, as the true pro­fes­sionals we are we look after the dialogue with relevant opinion-makers and influencers such as journalists, bloggers, stock market and industry analysts. And we ensure that the right mandatory communi­cations happen in the right way and with the right content. After you close a trans­action, we offer you the perfect support, for example on post merger in­te­gration, based on our many years of experience in the area of change manage­ment. On inter­national trans­actions we are at your side with our partners in the /amo Group, one of the world’s leading net­works in the area of financial and strategy communi­cations.


What we will do for you


Depending on the speci­fic task, we will provide you with consul­ting support on acqui­sitions, mergers and defending against un­desired take­over bids.


We accompany you through the entire IPO process, whether as an IPO candidate, a parent company, as a bank or as an investor.

Shareholder activism

We help you to defend your company against un­desired acti­vities by installing pre­ven­tative measures as well as directly effective communi­cations campaigns.

Financial PR

We will co­ordinate with journalists and other opinion-makers on your behalf and support you in your inter­national press and media work.