Strategic Positioning and Agenda Setting

With all the recent geo­political disruptions the world has become an un­com­fortable place. Issues such as climate change, which are hugely consequential for our future, are being re­negotiated in society. Your company is no longer only account­able to its share­holders. It is also co-responsible for the good of society. Your task as a business is to be part of the solution to epoch-defining challenges. This requires a long-term strategic narrative that explains the position and the stance of your company. And it also requires that your company move through this period of funda­mental trans­formation in dialogue with its stake­holders. Acceptance and the right frame­work conditions need to be fought for – con­struc­tively and in dialogue with others. The two key aspects of reputation and “headroom” for continuing to do business will only be secured by those partici­pating in public relations who engage in discourse and position them­selves as co-creators of what is new and necessary.

What you can expect from us

How do you formulate con­vincing arguments? What are the issues you will gain points on in debates and how do you make sure your interests are represented? We offer comprehensive specialist and sectoral expertise in all key industries. We understand what policy-makers, society and investors expect. And we are familiar with the mechanisms behind socio-political opinion and decision-making. We draw on these strengths to support you in presenting your interests to the public, based on a strong and long-term narrative, with a consistent agenda of topics to present to all stakeholders, and using modern communications channels – both virtual and in person.


What we will do for you

Strategic content

We will develop a long-term frame­work narrative of your strategy and trans­formation to ensure consistent communi­cations with all stake­holders.

Thought leadership and C-level communications

We will position you as a co-creator with strong arguments in the opinion-making processes of industry, policy-making and society.

Omni-media relations

We will translate your agenda of topics into a seam­lessly joined-up media strategy – both on and offline – to gain a wide audience in all relevant communities.

Dialogue formats

We will use digital and physical communications plat­forms to enhance your dialogue and debate capabilities with your stake­holders.

Research and analytics

We will analyse external influencing factors, stakeholder expectations and peer groups to position your company strongly.