Strategy and transformation


The Coronavirus will continue to shape economic and social life well into the next year. Uncertainty about how the pandemic will develop going forward – with the inherent danger of new outbreaks – and the new social distancing etiquette characterise a new Covid-19 reality.

For companies, the immediate consequence is a twofold challenge: on the one hand, it is essential to keep the prolonged exceptional situation under control. On the other, strategic agendas now have to be reconsidered and the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis for the medium and long-term course of action for corporations have to be taken into account. Companies thus find themselves under enormous pressure, often resulting in increased stress and signs of fatigue among managers and employees, and presenting the management as well as communications and strategy departments with an entirely new set of tasks and challenges: for a start, there will be an increased demand for explanations. At the same time, however, traditional formats for exchange, alignment, and commitment – often requiring physical on-site presence – are only available to a very limited extent. Everyday working life is increasingly taking place in the virtual space.

To learn more about what is important for leadership and communications in the new Covid-19 reality and what needs to be done now, feel free to have a look at our special BACK TO A NEW REALITY. (Please note when using mobile devices: The presentation is optimised for viewing in landscape mode.)

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